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Food Photography combines two of my passions: cooking and photographing. Although I photograph now for many years, I discover food photography just recently. Every photograph is based on a real recipe, cooked by myself and arranged for taking the photos.

The photos are based on recipes, many recipes I find in cookbooks, magazines or online. If you are interested in any of these recipes, contact me and I will give you further details.

I'm very interested in your opinion about my photos or the recipes. I'm thankful for every review, comment or opinion. I like to discuss my photos with others. If you like to take part in such a discussion, you will find my photos on my personal Flickr page and in the German Fotocommunity. Although both web sites are in German you can comment on my photos in English any time. And a photo doesn't need a translation.

Hope you will have some fun while you are visiting my photography pages and hope you will return or like to get in. contact with me.

You can get my photos from "Q-Stockphoto"

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